If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

First things first, you are now being communicated to by a full-fledged Physical  Geography Graduate. Woo hoo! Graduating from Lancaster was an amazing  experience, the sun was shining, I cried during my ceremonies and didn’t fall when shaking the chancellors hand, so all in all a great day. One piece of advice I cannot stress enough, is it to take time out to plan for the future. I myself intend to stay on at Lancaster and complete a Masters in Sustainable Water Management insert a link?. Others that I know graduated with no plan at all! And I know that a few of them are seriously regretting not doing just a little planning ahead. If you find university one great big stress or one great big party or maybe a mixture of both getting a job after you graduate seems like something very far away. But time flies and sneaks up on you, so plan ahead people!! Go see your careers office or send a friendly email to a lecturer, job hunting can be a daunting experience so getting some help along the way can be a big help! A career right now is not for everyone, doing a bit of travelling or like me staying in academia is just as good as getting on the job market. I chose to do masters because I decided that something hydrologically-based was what I wanted to do. It was the expert advice from three main places that made up my mind in favour of a Masters: First, an internship with the lovely people in LEC’s Enterprise and Business Partnerships department made me realise that a Masters could be the thing to make you stand out from the crowd! Another realisation occurred after an interesting conversation with a recruitment officer at an annual job fair. I was also blessed by a stroke of luck and ended up on a long train journey sat next to a gentleman who worked in the Environment Agencies Flood Management Department. Advice is out here, you just need to talk to people, ask questions and do some thinking about what you enjoy and what you find interesting!

Lab Work


Soil, soil, soil and even more soil! I admit during my time in the field I realised what Beth and I mostly did was collect soil samples. In fact a whole fridge full of soil! However, it has only recently dawned on me that each individual sample needs to be prepared and then analysed using several different methods to achieve Beth’s goals! For me this mountainous task consists of lots and lots of sieving. A repetitive and yet somehow soothing methodical task. This week has been a short week after graduating and our long stint in the field so can’t stay long as I’ve got soil to sieve! Next week I’ll go into more detail on the different analysis I’m doing and what they’re going to be used for and all the interesting things I have learnt !

See you next week!



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