Helloooooooooo 🙂

This week I accomplished the great feat of emptying one box of soil samples (albeit the box which Freyja had already half emptied) and it feels like I’ve made real progress! I know it seems a bit pathetic but when your carrying out repetitive tasks it’s important to set goals and it’s surprising how satisfying it is when they are reached!

I learned this week how important time management and organisation are in this career as many of the tasks follow on in a cycle where the next step can’t be started without completing the previous task. Before leaving for the weekend I had to make sure all the samples were completed to a suitable stage, ready to begin again after the weekend. I even keep my workstation nice and tidy and organised, to make sure the chance of accidents are reduced (especially after the little spillage!).


I had some very good news this week and I have managed to bag myself a job for CEH (Centre of Ecology and Hydrology) right here in the Lancaster Environment Centre! Before my week in the field with Beth I had the opportunity to apply for a Field and Laboratory assistant role working in the Plant-Soil Interactions group with the aim of predicting the environmental sustainability of bioenergy crop deployment in the UK. As soon as I heard about the job I thought it would be silly not to apply as some of the tasks related closely to what I would be doing in the follow up to the fieldwork in the laboratory for Beth. The wait was rather nerve racking but I was delighted to be invited for an interview, I was a bit anxious as I had never really had an interview with a potential employer before!  It turns out I can’t have had a bad interview as I was offered the job the next day, starting the 2nd of August for four months.

Check out the project for yourself, pretty interesting research! 


http://www.ceh.ac.uk/sci_programmes/ELUM-project.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-19962775

It feels good to now have something sorted, it will help me expand my knowledge and increase my experience and who knows what may lead on from this. It just goes to show that by working hard and finding work experience may just lead to better things and increases the chance of receiving more opportunities!   

Freyja has now finished her time working with Sue and this next week I won’t have my lab partner 😦  I’m sure she will enjoy her masters and deserves a well-earned rest before returning! 

Why wouldn’t anyone want to stay in Lancaster with views like this! So excited for whats to come! 



Seeeee you sooooon! 

Amy . . . X


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  1. Great work Amy! Thanks for all your help and good luck with the job – you’ll be fab. Beth x

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