Welcome to ‘So, you want to be an environmental scientist?’

From July 5th to September 30th three young environmental scientists from Lancaster University will be creating a weekly blog, telling you about their experiences doing field work in Cumbria, England and working in the laboratory – we encourage you to post questions and comments. Image

This is me, Beth, conducting my MSc field work

The scientists are all recent graduates from Lancaster Environment Centre and they are starting their careers by working for a month on my PhD project ‘The ecological and social implications of using remote sensing to assist farm environment planning’. This project is looking at how we can use satellite imagery to help us improve the environmental outcomes of upland farming in the UK and how this might affect the farmers themselves.

The three project assistants – Freyja, Amy and Alex – are funded through the Lancaster University Friends’ Fund and they will be helping me complete my field work, working with me on interviews and processing samples in the lab. We think that their thoughts, experiences and tips will be of interest to those of you considering environmental science as a career or if you are just interested in finding out more about what we academics do.

This project is an example of an environmental science and social science project and of course is not representative of every research project. If you’d like more information on different types of projects please get in touch and we’ll try and help you find out more.

This project was made possible through funding awarded by the Lancaster University Friends’ Grant Programme.